MY TEETH: before treatment

So, why am I getting lingual braces?

The simple answer is, my teeth are crooked and I don’t like it!

I suffer from overcrowding so I have a couple of teeth protruding on the top and my bottom teeth aren’t straight either. I also have an overbite, which means my top teeth almost completely cover the bottom ones when I bite together.

So. Deep breath.

This is what my teeth look like now, right at the start of my braces adventure.


teeth-before-lingual-braces-smiling1{© Inside I’m Smiling}

Of course, that’s not actually a natural smile because I always smile with my lips closed so my teeth are hidden from view!


teeth-before-braces-full-view{© Inside I’m Smiling}

So, there they are in all their glory.

I have mixed feelings looking at these pictures. I usually avoid looking at my teeth this closely and hide them when I laugh or smile, so it makes me a feel a little sad. But also, I want to remember where and why this journey began.

I’m pleased you’ve found this blog and I hope you’ll join me for the ride!


5 thoughts on “MY TEETH: before treatment

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  4. I’m not smiling at all at the moment, I had my lingual braces fitted 5 days ago, I’m in quite a bit of pain and I can’t bear to speak because what I hear is so different and lispy, i feel quite devastated by it, I only hope my journey picks up to be more like yours

    • Hi Justene sorry for the delay in replying – I hope you are feeling better with your braces and more positive. I remember feeling pretty shell-shocked for the first week or so – I really couldn’t concentrate on anything except the braces and the pain but it does get better. Don’t be afraid to help yourself out with painkillers and using your wax when you need it.

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