MY TEETH: top lingual brace – day 2

It’s pretty tricky to get a decent photo showing my top lingual brace but hopefully this will give you an idea at least…

top-brace-day-2{© Inside I’m Smiling}

As you can see there are several different sorts of wire connecting the brackets as I mentioned yesterday. You can also see that the tooth that protrudes most doesn’t have a bracket yet… it will be connected once some space has been created.

TIP: if you don’t already have one, invest in a round cosmetic mirror… it’s the only way you’ll be able to see your top brace and is really handy for checking for anything caught in your wires or brackets. And it means you can take hilarious photos of the inside of your mouth of course!


8 thoughts on “MY TEETH: top lingual brace – day 2

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  5. I am looking into these now I am a model and I have always been told I am perfect and fine, but I am so self concious of my teeth they are overcrowded/1 out like urs on the bottem too and I can’t deal with braces on the outside I just can’t even imagine it for me, anyways swing ur teeth have gotten me excited my appt is tomorow and I’m gunna push for the inside braces I kno they will try to get me to get in the outside but I model! No way possible!*

      • Thanks for your comment. If you want to hide the fact you have braces linguals are a good option. In fact, the only real reason for having them over regular braces is their appearance. However, my advice would be to make sure you’re getting braces for the right reasons before you go ahead. The reality is, that it’s very painful at times (not all the time, but be ready that at times the pain will be all you can think about) and it would be a big mistake to change your mind once they’re fitted. Not to mention expensive! Also, you need to be prepared for a big time commitment – as my journey goes on I am realising more and more how important this is. Not just the treatment time overall (mine is 18-22 months so no quick fix) but also visiting every 6 weeks for adjustments and at other times if something breaks for example. I have to commit to living in the same area for my whole treatment for example too as I need to visit the same ortho all the way through. There’s also the lisp to think about – although people won’t see your braces, you won’t be able to hide that. You need to have the self-confidence to get through those first couple of months.
        And for lots of people the expense is restrictive – though if you can afford veneers I expect you’ll probably be ok for lingual braces.
        Good luck and come back and tell us how you got on!

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