First 48 hours with lingual braces: eating

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I have to be honest. If you’re getting a lingual brace don’t expect to be eating your favourite foods any time soon!

48 hours in, I am struggling to eat anything that you can’t swallow without any chewing whatsoever. Smoothies, yogurt, rice pudding and soup have been my staples. I’ve also had a go at eating some scrambled eggs and avocado, which were ok but not quite as easy to manage.

As I have stuff on my back teeth to stop them biting together it feels like I have no useful chewing surface at all. Also, I’ve been surprised at just how much you use your tongue when chewing (you think it’s only a job for your teeth!) but I’ve become very aware of how much the tongue is used to move the food to different surfaces in your mouth when you chew. Mainly this feels like your tongue is scraping over every bracket and wire in your mouth… ouch!

I’m going to try some fish and mashed potato tonight (my most ambitious meal yet) so we’ll see how that goes!


15 thoughts on “First 48 hours with lingual braces: eating

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  3. How’s your treatment going now? Keep us posted! Here’s my story to share: I just got my Incognito lingual braces on two days ago. Expect to be nervous your first day, change is always scary, but rest assured, this is a GOOD change! Once the braces application process begins, I promise it’s a breeze, and you kind of go into a state of relaxation. The sand-cleansing is a little awkward, however (especially if you have sensitive teeth). As they apply the brackets, your tongue will be pretty eager to touch these, but just be patient! Ok, so skip all of that shhtuff! After they’re on, you’ll be speaking weird, pretty much only with S’s… ESPECIALLY any word ending in ‘ds’ (ex. words). Practicing the Rainbow Passage has really helped me craft my speech again, read it 3x daily, and things should kick back into gear. So, though your teeth should be feeling normal, as well as your tongue, on the first day… expect it all to hit you the next day. By day 2, I couldn’t talk very well, nor eat at all, and my teeth were getting sore. Now I’m on day 3, still on a liquid diet, but I’m semi-training my brain to adjust to smooshy foods, for instance, I just ate a cheese string (not peeled), was awkward, but I managed. Mashed potatoes are easy peasy, and tasty! I’d suggest drinking meal supplements; they leave you feeling full, and give you the essential nutrients to conquer your day with some energy. I have a fridge full of Boost, nom nom nom. Popsicles are a great way to ease your crying tongue, but don’t exhaust this, because sugar isn’t necessarily good for ANY braces. Only eat them if you must (to ease pain) or if you’re in dire need of a snack. USE WAX: your tongue will get chopped up like Freddie Kruger had a go at it, but this is easily relieved by wax (your ortho will provide this). Don’t use it right away, or too frequently, you want your tongue to build up a tolerance to the wires/ brackets. My tongue is killing me today (amongst other things), but when you feel that pain, it means your tongue is, and will built up the calluses for you to survive your 1-3 years in braces, the wax will allow your tongue to heal when it needs it desperately. You know those shoes that you loved that cut up your feet/ heels to no end, but you put bandaids on the blisters, and wore ‘em anyway… and now you wear them without any cover? Well, your tongue works the same way! 😀
    At times, I wish I could flick these puppies off of my teeth with my tongue, but keep your head high… they don’t mention it in your lingual braces payment plan, but you get a free diet 😉 ha!

    Good luck all!

    • Hi Amber, thanks for sharing your story. Getting lingual braces is quite an uncommon thing in the UK (I don’t know if it’s more common in the US?) so it is so nice to read other people’s stories online as I don’t know any other ‘real’ people who have them. It sounds like you’re adjusting incredibly well considering you are only 3 day days in! Well done!

      I think the thing to remember is that everyone will respond to their braces differently in the beginning, but eventually everyone will get comfortable. In that early period I think people should feel happy to do whatever makes them feel better – whether that’s eating tonnes of ice cream, piling on the wax, taking painkillers or whatever. You’re getting braces to improve yourself not punish yourself so don’t challenge yourself to tolerate the pain unnecessarily!

      And you are right about the free diet! In fact, a girl I work with said to me yesterday that I was looking ‘nice and trim’ and when I said it was because my teeth were stopping me snacking she said ‘why, what’s wrong with your teeth?’… I’ve seen her everyday for the last 4 months and she hadn’t even noticed I had braces!!! 🙂

      • hi ladies,
        this blog is so helpful. my linguals have been on for almost 48 hours and i am REALLY struggling with everything. i know you have walked in these shoes and say it gets better but between my speech and my poor tongue i am starting to question the decision to get linguals instead of regular braces. i started reading the rainbow poem today. it’s probably too soon to tell but i don’t see any improvement yet. and will i EVER look forward to eating again?? right now i dread it! how long until i will feel comfortable eating would you say? thanks a million!

      • Hi Katie
        Thanks for your kind comments about my blog. When I was considering getting linguals I could hardly find any first-person accounts so I wanted to start a blog to fill in that gap – I’m so happy it’s proved useful.
        I remember my first few days with linguals so well – I was really miserable and uncomfortable and it seemed like it would never get better. It sounds like you’re in that horrible part but I promise it will get better. Try not to get yourself stressed out about it – with time you will get used to talking again and the pain will slowly improve. I will have had my linguals for a year at the end of January and now I can eat more or less normally (as long as I’m careful about hard and sticky things) and my speech is pretty much normal too. I feel like a have to think a tiny bit more carefully about shaping my words but I’m fairly sure nobody else notices anymore but me.
        Stick with it and try to keep positive. I am SO happy I took the decision to get linguals and even though I still have six months to go I never dreamed my teeth would look as good as they do now.
        Keep me updated with your journey – I’d love to hear how you get along!

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  5. Hi, I’m on my second day with lingual braces and I’m not doing too badly. My speech has barely changed, just a slight lisp, but my tongue us feeling pretty shredded and sore! Eating isn’t the nicest thing in the world, but on the up side, I will drop a few pounds. Luckily I’m only wearing them for 4-5 months and the outcome will be worth the pain! Onwards and upwards 😁

  6. Hi, on the 29th of June I got my Harmony lingual braces put on! I was super excited to get them as I’ve wanted braces since I was 13 but I wasn’t eligible for braces on the nhs.. Anyway, I couldn’t even drink without unbearable tongue pain during the first 24 hours; thanks to the brackets and wire on the lower arch, towards the back, my tongue is shredded! Protein shakes and scrambled egg are my new best friends… It’s now over 48 hours since I got them put on and I can tell my tongue is healing and adjusting, with the help of Brace eze and ortho wax.. I can now *chew*.scrambled egg and such, but thanks to the glass ionomer bite planes preventing me from biting on the brackets, I imagine it will be a while until I can chew anything solid… My speech however is terrible. I ried singing a lot as then I’d be focusing on my vocals rather than if I had a lisp or not, as I’m sure the speech issue is mainly psychological!! not brilliant but I’m improving! I just hope I’ve made the right decision to get them… Your blog is very helpful and encouraging, thank you for the meal suggestions!

    • Hi Helena -sorry I didn’t answer your comment before – your message was definitely in the worst stage so I hope you are getting along better now and have found some more things you can eat. By the end I had a lot more stuff I could eat – I just had a to avoid very crunchy or sticky things mainly, and chopped everything else up small with a knife and fork which make most things ok. Good luck with the rest of your journey!

  7. I’m 27 years old. I just got my Incognito braces on today and I’m having the same issue with eating. The brackets on my back teeth are preventing me from biting down well. No chewing surface as you said! How long did this go on for you?

    • My bite did gradually improve through my treatment, but the ‘block’ at the back was there all the way through, although it did wear down into a slightly better shape. I did get used to it though and eating became a lot easier as time went on.

  8. I just wanted to say how much I appreciate your blog. I had my harmony linguals fitted yesterday, and your blog is a constant support (already!) and your advice and later posts are helping me believe it will be all worth it! My tongue is soooo painful, but so far my speech isn’t too bad. Thanks for taking the time to document your experience as I’m sure lots of us out there are finding it useful and ,at the moment most importantly, of great comfort! Arabella x

    • Thanks so much for your comment Arabella and good luck with your treatment! I bet you’re feeling a bit rough right now so I can assure you it will gradually get better and it will be so worth it in the end!

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