First 48 hours with lingual braces: speech

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I think for many people, the lisping is the most worrying factor when choosing a lingual brace. You’ve picked an invisible brace because you’d rather people didn’t know you had one, but then when you speak they’ll know something’s up!

I had my brace fitted on a Friday and also took the following Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday off work to give myself a clear five days to get used to my brace and practice my speech. Today’s Sunday and I’m still lisping but number of sounds that cause me trouble is gradually reducing.

D, S, T and soft C are the ones you’re going to struggle with most. After 48 hours I’ve mastered all of these sounds in isolation (and when concentrating and not gabbling too fast!) but combinations of these sounds are still difficult, for example:

stick, adjust, cupboards, dice, instead, orthodontist, practice

I’ve found it useful to speak slowly in front of the mirror as it helps to see how your mouth moves as you speak and try to hone the sounds by saying them again and again, and exaggerating them as much as you can.

I also found it useful to put on my favourite songs and sing along… for some reason it’s easier to sing words than speak them in normal conversation so this was good practice and a confidence-booster to begin with. TIP: if you know it, Starman by David Bowie has a lot of complicated ‘s’ sounds to try and get your tongue around!

“some cat was laying down some rock and roll, lotta soul he said” … NIGHTMARE!!!

I’ll do another speech update after 5 days with my lingual brace and hope I’ll have some improvements to report before heading back to the office. However, in my experience the lisping from my brace is no worse than someone who has a mild lisp normally. Kind of a hissing lisp, rather than the kind that sounds like you might get spat on, if you know what I mean!!!

5 thoughts on “First 48 hours with lingual braces: speech

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  4. Sorry, I know this is an old post so hope you don’t mind me commenting… I love your method of getting past the lisping by singing Starman! Unfortunately I didn’t plan as well as you and take time of work and had to have various meetings with people while excusing the fact that I couldn’t speak properly. One week after getting both sets fitted I had to run an all day workshop that featured me talking about the topic of ‘resistance’ – holy crap, the people in the course must have thought I was half-cut or something with the way I was slurring and lisping!
    However, the good thing is that after a day of speaking non-stop for 6 hours, my speech was vastly improved!

    • Thanks for visiting Ellie – it’s so exciting to hear from somebody who is nearing the end of their treatment – you must be so excited! Your comment about your presentation on ‘resistance’ made me giggle so much… out of sympathy of course 🙂 I do worry that people think I’m just a little pissed all the time!

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