Listen to my lisp!

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I decided to record myself speaking to get a feel for how I might sound to others. As an experiment I recorded myself reading the same passage without wax and then after applying orthodontic wax to all of the brackets. These recordings were done three days after my top brace was fitted. Each recording lasts about 30 seconds.

I grabbed a book from my coffee table at random and opened it on a real tongue twister of a paragraph about garden design. I’ll write the passage out below so you can practice yourself if you like.



What do you think?

To me, my lisp sounds better on these recordings than it does in real life. I haven’t worked out if that’s because the voice recorder isn’t sensitive enough, or if lots of the hissing sounds more obvious to me because it’s inside my own head!!!

Here’s the passage – try it and you’ll see there are loads of sound combinations that are really tricky to say with a lingual brace, so it’s a good one to practice with.

“Small should not mean twee or bijou because this defeats the object of enjoying and feeling at ease in your little garden. Similarly, prissiness and over-meticulousness have the effect of emphasizing smallness. But you can have fun playing with reflections and tricks of illusion which confuse the boundaries and widen the horizons of your space. The use of optical techniques, involving line, scale and colour, can be surprisingly effective in creating real deceptions.”

PS: I chose this photograph to illustrate this post because this is exactly how speaking with my brace feels to me… like your mouth knows where it should be but can’t find the right position!!!


8 thoughts on “Listen to my lisp!

  1. Awesome blog!

    I am thinking about getting lingual braces too! Therefore I am very curious to see how and how fast you will adjust to them. Well, my biggest fear is the lisp as I am a teacher.
    Too bad I can’t hear your recordings. For some reason it does not work!

    Keep on blogging! It’s such a good idea!

    Greetings from Hamburg, Germany!

    – Britta

    • Woo hoo, my first comment! Thanks Britta.
      Sorry about the recordings – I’ll try another format and get them to work properly. I’ve only had my braces for three days and I still think my lisp in quite bad but I’m hoping I will adjust soon. I hope you’ll keep following to find out!

      PS – if you’re a teacher I reckon you could definitely get them at the start of the summer holidays and adjust by the time you get back to work

  2. I will follow – I am sure 🙂
    I listened to your “big” lisp and I have to say it isn’t a big one 😉
    I can hear it, more without the wax, but it’s still ok for three days. Don’t worry, it’s not that bad! I hope it will be better soon. My sister had lingual braces on the top and she had a lisp at first but after a while I couldn’t hear it anymore. She told me that she could hear it from time to time when teeth moved, but she was probably more sensitive about her own speech than I were.
    It’s a good idea to get them at the start of the summer break – I already thought about it….

  3. Thank you so much for creating this blog. I literally just got my linguals on – 12 hours ago! It’s definitely a strange thing to get used to so it’s great to find another 20 something year old going through the same experience. The actual pain as far as my teeth and tongue are concerned isn’t too bad yet. The lisp is the biggest struggle for now, but I’m hoping that will get better with time:) I can hardly hear any lisp from your recordings, so hopefully we all just sound worse in our own head lol. Anyway, just glad to see I’m not alone in this! Such a cute blog btw.. Keep it up!

    • Hi Laura – lovely to hear from you and I’m so pleased you like my little blog. It would be so nice to keep in touch with someone getting their braces at exactly the same time so I hope you’ll be back here again! Did you just get your tops, or bottoms or both on at the same time?
      Ps – day 4… still lisping!!!

  4. Ahh I feel your pain!! And yes I got both top and bottoms on yesterday. They put some sort of dental cement on my lower back teeth as well. Feels like a little pebble is stuck back there! I have a bit of an open bite so it looks a little more exaggerated now that I can’t bite down completely. Also I feel like I’m spoiling myself with all the wax I’ve been using. Not sure if I’d be better off letting my tongue go ahead and callous up, but I guess I’m trying to wean myself into this whole process if that makes sense..
    Hope this message isn’t too all over the place, I never expected lingual braces to be so overwhelming! But I’m so excited to have this chance to fix my teeth.
    Be back soon to stay in touch and continue following your blog! 🙂
    Good luck!!

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