What can you eat with lingual braces?

{via Delectable Deliciousness}

When I got my lingual braces fitted, I was told that I had to avoid anything chewy, hard or sticky. So, crunchy pizza crusts and toffees were out… no problem I thought! But the reality of the first week or so with lingual braces is that you’ll really struggle to chew anything at all.

So I thought I’d compile a list of soft foods / meals that I found easy enough to eat during that stomach-rumbling first week. Some are probably obvious, but hopefully there are one or two you might not have thought of and might just save you from soup, soup and more soup!


Fruit yogurt with oats mixed in



Scrambled eggs



Homemade soup (add orzo pasta, barley or rice so it’s more substantial)

Fish with mashed potato and creamy sauce


Jacket potato with tuna mayonnaise / chilli (leave the skin in the early days)

Pasta (choose small shapes) and smooth sauce





Rice pudding

Yogurt / custard

Banana (mashed if necessary)

Chocolate mousse

Ice cream / sorbet

Milkshakes / smoothies

Hopefully there are a few ideas here – have you got any hunger-busting suggestions? Leave a comment if you have!


6 thoughts on “What can you eat with lingual braces?

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  2. Once upon a time in the early days, I was so desperate for a sticky chewy chocolate bar that I got a Mars Bar and melted it in a pan so that I could eat it with a spoon. Sometimes you gotta just give in to those cravings!

    • Stick with it! When For the first couple of months of having my lingual braces I couldn’t imagine a time when I would forget they were there. The pain, irritation, discomfort and general weird sensation of having the brackets in my mouth pretty much dominated everything. However, I now hardly think of them – I can eat many of my favorite foods again and the brackets don’t rub my tongue anymore. For a few days after adjustments my gums are sore as the teeth move but I am used to that now and know it doesn’t last long.
      More than anything, my teeth are noticeably moving into position so when I experience discomfort I can look at my teeth and reassure myself it’s worth it.
      I promise it will get better and good luck with the rest of your journey. Keep in touch!

  3. Hiya, I stumbled on your blog and find it fantastic. I just my Lingual braces put on yesterday and I’m struggling with so many questions. I have the bottom ones in put first. I noticed that they put something on top of my back molars, so I struggle to eat. Is this normal? Will this white thing wear down and allow me to eat normal again? How long did ut take for you to go back to normal food? Sorry for the many questions. Just have so many questions as the progress of my teeth takes place. Thanks again for ur great blog. I’ll def be reading it for loads of tips and advice.

    • Yes, I had that stuff on my back teeth too. For me it was because I had an overbite, which meant that if my jaw was allowed to close normally I would’ve chipped my top braces off with my lower teeth. The stuff on the back teeth stops your jaw closing fully – it definitely makes it weird and hard to eat but I did get used to it gradually. It stayed on until almost the end of my treatment but it did gradually wear down a bit.

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