First adjustment – pictures

It’s now two months since I had my lingual braces fitted and last week I visited the orthodontist for my first adjustment and new wire.

The appointment was pretty straightforward – around 30 minutes – and didn’t involve the mouth stretcher things or tongue guard that were used when my braces went on so it wasn’t uncomfortable. Here’s how things look now…

Inside I'm Smiling lingual braces blog{© Inside I’m Smiling}

The left-hand side of my upper teeth is looking really good (that’s the right-hand side as you look at the photo). However, the most exciting thing is that the tooth that protrudes the most (and bothered me most) has now been connected to the wire. I hadn’t expected that the happen so soon, so I’m really happy. You can see better from the inside view of my top teeth:

Lingual braces blog - Inside I'm Smiling{© Inside I’m Smiling}

At the moment it doesn’t have a bracket – the wire has just been attached to the tooth using white dental cement stuff. The orthodontist said that there was actually space to put a bracket on, but because of the angle the tooth sticks out at it would’ve been visible from the side, so to keep my lingual braces invisible he’ll  tilt it back slightly by just fixing the wire like this, and then attach a proper bracket next time I have an adjustment at the end of April.

Inside I'm Smiling adult braces blog{© Inside I’m Smiling}

On my lower teeth, the teeth that didn’t have anything on before (read about when I had the lower lingual brace fitted here) have had little metal ‘buttons’ attached [2] and elastic things have been attached to those [1] and along the brackets further back.

For about the first 7 days after the appointment my gums were really achy and it was sore to chew again. However, that kind of tooth pain is a lot more manageable that tongue pain because it responds well to painkillers so I took ibuprofen for about 4 days to help.

One week on, everything’s fine. The only one that’s hurting now is the front tooth next to the pokey out one – it’s actually been pulled out of line slightly but not that anyone would notice. Also, one of the elastic bits snapped so I need to contact the orthodontist to get that sorted out too. Oh, and my lisp has neeearly gone – yay!

So all in all, I’m feeling good! How are you fellow brace-wearers doing?


10 thoughts on “First adjustment – pictures

  1. Hey! Looks good what I can see on the pictures and good to hear that your lisp has nearly gone! Awesome!
    I postponed my appointment and made another one today in an office where they are specialised in lingual treatment. I feel more secure about that than about an ortho that does lingual treatment just from time to time. Plus, I have a friend that undergoes a treatment right now in this office. Too bad that it is a bit far from my home, but perhaps it will be worth it!
    It’s not easy to find out the right things! Well, my appointment will be right after Easter.
    Do you still notice your braces when everything is normal (e.g. no pain because of an appointment)? I am anxious that I will notice them all the time 😉

    Have a good day!

    – Britta

    • Thanks! I’m definitely starting to feel much more comfortable with my braces. I am still aware of them a lot of the time, but it doesn’t worry me that much anymore. When I first got them I never believed it would be possible to forget them even for a second because the brackets felt so big and alien in my mouth but I am gradually forgetting them more and more often.

      I think going to an orthodontist that specialises in lingual braces has to be a good thing. It’s one of the main reasons I choose the one I did and it’s great to feel confident that I’m in good hands and I feel complete trust that everything is carried out in the best, most effective way for me. I hope you feel the same. Trust your gut instinct and find somewhere you feel comfortable… you’re trusting them with the look of part of your face after all!

      It’s great that you have a recommendation from a friend too. With your friend and your sister you know two people with lingual braces… I have never met anyone… or at least not that I could tell 😉

  2. Getting them on my top in May. Are you happy overall that you went this route? I’m a bit nervous about the angle of one of my top teeth making the braces noticeable. Good to hear your lisp is going away.

    • Good luck with getting your braces. Now I’ve got used to mine and the lisp has almost completely gone I can honestly say I am so pleased I took the plunge.
      I think actually the bottom braces are more noticeable to others than the top. Because of the angle of my teeth my ortho didn’t attach brackets to the ones that stick out most from the start. Instead he used a kind of spring to make space. I’m hoping from my next adjustment all the teeth will be attached with brackets and they can be moved into the spaces without it being visible. He told me he did it this way for aesthetic reasons because the angle of my teeth meant the brackets might be visible.

      If you’re worried about the same thing, mention it to your ortho… it might take slightly longer but in the grand scheme of things, I’d rather keep my braces invisible and have them on a few weeks longer if necessary.

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  4. Enjoying your blog and having similar experiences to you. I’m nearly 3 weeks on from having my wires fitted and I’m coping really well. The lisping has been the biggest issue though. My orthodontist assured me that I’d overcome it after a week, but it didn’t really work out like that and it’s taken until now for it to become barely noticeable. However, it still re-appears when I get tired first thing in the morning or at the end of the night. More confident than ever that I’ll get over it, but it does take time!

    • Thanks for commenting. Yes, I agree that the lisp is the biggest problem for new lingual brace wearers. You choose an invisible option and then your speech gives the game away! Certainly for me, I think it took about 6 weeks for my speech to sound normal again, although there are still a couple of words that cause me a little trouble. Words starting with ST are the trickiest – but it’s definitely to get to a place with lingual braces where you don’t feel self-conscious about speaking anymore.
      Third adjustment appointment tomorrow (I’ve had my braces for just over 4 months now). Will try and get a post with an updated photo done before that.

  5. What a great blog! So glad I found this! Had my lingual braces (top) put on today and feeling very freaked out by how big they feel in my mouth and how hard it is to eat with them, so such a relief to know it does get better!!

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