My teeth: four months into my lingual braces journey

Hello again! It’s about four months since I had my lingual braces put on and I’m getting ready for my third new wire tomorrow. Here are a few photos of how my teeth are looking at this stage.

Inside I'm Smiling lingual braces blog{© Inside I’m Smiling}

This is really the first point where I’ve started to feel confident about my new smile. Since my last update I’ve grown happy to show my teeth when smiling in photos (something I never did before) and I’ve even worn red lipstick for the first time… again, something I never would’ve done before as I always avoided drawing attention to my mouth!

When I decided to get lingual braces I was excited by the idea that 18-22 months later I would have a smile I could show off. I know my teeth aren’t perfect yet, but I’ve been surprised at how my confidence has grown after a relatively short time and I can start enjoying smiling even before my orthodontist has finished his work.

However, I need to start practicing my new smile! For so long it’s become second nature to keep my lips closed whenever there was a camera pointing in my direction. Now I have to keep reminding myself that I can smile properly…but it still feels very strange to me!

Inside I'm Smiling lingual braces blog{© Inside I’m Smiling}

You can see from the photos of the inside surfaces of my teeth that I had proper brackets fitted to all my teeth at my last adjustment appointment. As usual, I experienced some aching pain for about the first week but since then I’ve been feeling pretty comfortable with my lingual braces.

The tongue pain I experienced at the beginning is almost gone. Now I just have the odd day of achy teeth between adjustments. My speech is more-or-less normal again (I still need to concentrate hard when I need to make an ‘st’ sound but I don’t think other people really notice anymore). Eating with my braces is ok too – again, when my teeth are aching I opt for softer foods again but in general I feel I have much more choice about what I can eat with braces than in the early days. It’s the food getting stuck in the wires and brackets that’s most annoying now!

So, wish me luck with tomorrow’s appointment. And thanks to those of you have left me comments recently about your journeys with lingual braces or your decision process in improving your smile. Don’t forget, you can add your comment by clicking the speech bubble symbol at the top of every post. It’s so nice to hear from others with similar experiences and your comments make writing this blog worthwhile 🙂


11 thoughts on “My teeth: four months into my lingual braces journey

  1. They are looking awesome! This excites me, especially how much your tooth has aligned since I have a similar situation. I got mine on last month. I’m past the lisp phase and my teeth don’t hurt anymore but I am hating my extraction gaps. Looks like you’re lucky enough to not have them though. My ortho put my extracted teeth in the gaps place, but one of them has already fallen out twice, which is quite annoying.

    • Thanks for your comment – I am really pleased with how things are going so far and I’m happy to hear your treatment is going well too. I was lucky not to have to have extractions (when I was supposed to have braces as a teenager they were going to take out 4 teeth… shows how the techniques have improved since then!). Hope you get over the gappy stage soon and good luck!

  2. Hello!
    I’ve been looking for a lingual blog for ages, in fact wish I’d started my own! I’ve had my linguals on top and bottom teeth for a year and a half. Oh, I remember the days of thinking I’d never be able to eat or speak properly every again!
    It looks like you’re getting on really well with yours?
    I’ve had both my arches widened which has made a big difference but now the focus is on straightening my top and bottom teeth. The tops ones are proving a problem and not moved anywhere since February. Since I am on the last wires I spoke to my dentist today and he’s sending everything back to the lab to see what they can offer as a solution! Fingers crossed, they send some wires that will work!
    I look forward to keeping up with your progress, keep going!

  3. Wow! Your teeth look good! Really stunning what orthodontics can do in such a short time!
    I had my second consultation today. The first ortho advised me to go with Invisalign, but I wasn’t sure about that technique, so I had a second consultation today. He had a very long talk with me and recommended SureSmile to me which is also a lingual technique. I felt that he knows what he is talking about and had a really good impression.
    But now: His office is in a very good area and looks really fancy. And so is the price: 9000 Euro. That’s a lot! I don’t know if my insurance will cover a bit, but nonetheless…9000 Euro. It’s reallly hard to find a lingual orthodontist in Germany that has reasonable prices….
    Well, i have to think about it….

    • Hi Britta, I’m happy to hear you’ve found an ortho you liked and trusted – I think that is so important. You’re trusting them with your face after all! When I decided to go ahead with lingual braces I have to admit the cost terrified me but I saved really hard and now I can pay some each month over the 22 months of my treatment so it’s just manageable. I really do think it’s worth the sacrifice for me though as I have already felt my confidence boosted. I can’t wait until the end when I can be free of my braces and smile all I like! Good luck and keep in touch!

  4. Hi,
    It’s pretty comforting to read your blog and other people’s comments because I had my top lingual brace fitted today and my tongue is killing me! I was ok at first, fitting was much better than I expected and wasn’t convinced it would be invisible but it really is! There’s a sharp bit at the back and that is what has kicked off my tongue, I have used the wax but my tongue is just inflamed now so needs to settle. My speech is affected and eating feels so strange it puts you off! I’m hoping I start to adjust soon; ie. being able to pronounce words better, enjoy food again and hope my tongue stops playing with it. I appreciate it’s only been a day. I have planned to have bottom lingual too, which will get put on in 8 weeks – apparently because I have a wide ish jaw my tongue should be able to go with it, here’s hoping. Just didnt see the point in paying all that money for invisible at top and not the bottom. Any suggestions to help ease the pain with my tongue and get used to eating would be appreciated. I’ve heard you can start to see a difference quickly with movemet so I’m looking forward to that! It will be worth it hey! 🙂

    • Hi Kas,
      It a year tomorrow that I had my lingual braces fitted and I remember how tough the first few days were so well. I promise it does get better (my braces hardly bother me at all know) but I appreciate that’s probably little comfort to you at this stage!

      Here are a few tips you might find useful…

      – Get yourself some Gishy Goo (it’s available from Amazon) – it’s so much better than wax when it comes to reducing rubbing. I felt I couldn’t get wax to stick at all at the back of my mouth and this stuff is much more effective. It’s expensive, but you won’t need it forever. Take a look at my wax vs Gishy Goo review here:

      – Take ibuprofen to ease the pain of your teeth moving if you need to. I still take it for a couple of days after I get a new wire as it really helps relieve the pain and I can concentrate on things properly without my mind on the aching all the time.

      – Buy an antiseptic mouthwash (something like Corsodyl) to help mouth ulcers on your cheeks and tongue heal faster. I still use it when I feel one starting and often it can make it go away before it even develops.

      – For ulcers, Igloo is absolutely amazing stuff! Bonjella is rubbish… this stuff sticks fast and is a real relief. I recommend it to everyone!

      – Keep hydrated. I know this is harder than it sounds when it hurts so much to swallow but speaking is much more difficult if your mouth is dry. Drinking through a straw can help.

      – If part of your brace is really sticking in and bothering you, don’t feel bad about revisiting your ortho. Early on in my treatment one of the wires twisted somehow and the end was sticking straight into my tongue. He sorted it straight away and didn’t mind at all. You’re paying a lot of money for your treatment so don’t feel bad about asking for extra support if you need it.

      – STICK WITH IT!!! It does get better and you will get used to the sensation of your braces. It won’t be long until you begin to see your teeth straightening up and that makes it all worth it!!!

  5. Does the tongue pain really get better? Just had them out on yesterday and my tongue is raw–feels like it has tiny cuts everywhere. Impossible to eat.

    • Hi Carolyn – I know it seems impossible at the beginning, but the tongue pain does get better. From about 4 – 6 months in it didn’t bother me at all. Have a look at the post ‘What can you eat with lingual braces’ for some ideas for brace-friendly foods you can try in the first couple of weeks. It will be worth it in the end and it does get better!

  6. Hello, I know this is an old blog but I came across it when I was searching for lingual braces information. I am a 21 year old woman and I am so self- concious of my teeth. I want to get lingual braces (which I have been quoted £5,000 for!) but I am seriously considering it because I think it is worth it. Can I ask where you got yours done? I just can’t find anywhere that is affordable in the UK. Is the pain absolutely un bearable?

    Your help would be so appreciated.

    Thank you,


    • Hi Joanne, sorry for the delay in replying to you. I had my braces done at The London Lingual Orthodontic Clinic. They specialise in lingual braces and they have a good reputation. My treatment cost more than the £5,000 you have been quoted but I think in part that is down to the clinic I chose. Make sure you don’t just base your decision on price alone – your ortho is reshaping part of your face (!) so make sure you completely trust in them, ask for testimonials from previous patients and don’t go ahead unless you feel totally happy. Good luck!

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