Forth braces adjustment

I’m a bit late posting these photos, which were taken before my forth lingual brace adjustment last week. It’s now SIX MONTHS since I got my braces, which feels like my first real milestone. If my teeth are finished at the lower end of my treatment estimate (18 months) that means I’m one year away from a brace-free smile!

Inside I'm Smiling lingual braces blog w410{Photographs © Inside I’m Smiling}

During my forth lingual brace adjustment my ortho used a stronger wire for the first time and seemed to spend a little longer than before putting little bends and kinks into the wire to shape my teeth. He said that my teeth are moving really well so I was happy about that.

As usual my gums were quite painful for the first four/five days while the teeth were moving. However, I now have no tongue pain at all to speak of and don’t have any real trouble eating either, so long as I stick to sensible foods. Overall I’m feeling really happy with how things are progressing and the way my smile is beginning to look. Referring back at my teeth looked before lingual braces the transformation is already amazing!

How’s your treatment coming along? I’d love to hear how you’re doing in the comments!

26 thoughts on “Forth braces adjustment

  1. Looking good! I’ve been looking at linguals too and they seem like such a better idea over normal braces (though I do like the pink ones). I’m scared I won’t be able to practice out the lisp like you did though. Eek!

  2. I’m 3 months in now. Unfortunately my speech has never completely returned to what it was like before the braces. If I have a good night’s sleep and you catch me early in the day then you probably wouldn’t detect anything amiss. But if I’ve had a bad night’s sleep, I’m tired, or it’s near the end of the day my speech is a bit slushy. Not as lisp as such, just not as pinpoint sharp as it used to be. Wouldn’t normally bother me if it weren’t for the fact I worked in radio! lol So everything is amplified. Hoping some speech therapy might help.

    • I’m the same with my speech now I think. It’s not a real lisp anymore but I still struggle with some sounds. STill STruggle is a hard thing to say. I just find I am battling a bit to shape my lips around the sound.
      At least my braces feel quite comfortable now and my speech isn’t so bad. I don’t feel bothered about it anymore but it will be nice to get back to normal!

      • Yes words with a “T” in them are a difficulty for me too sometimes. As I say, in normal everyday life it’s something you can put up with, but when your career involves speaking professionally it’s a struggle to deal with sometimes. Then again, the knowledge that I will be able to smile properly at the end of all this keeps me going!

  3. It’s the fifth day since I got them and they don’t hurt anymore. I hate mushy food so by day 3 I was eating toast and cereal for breakfast. I still talk a bit funny but the teasing I get from my little brother has got me to practice a lot more so the only thing I lisp with is the S… by the end of this I reckon our elocution and diction will be amazing.

    It’s so cool that there are people out there who know how weird it feels to be licking a cheese grater every day.

  4. Hi. I just stumbled on your blog after googling “lingual brace problems”. I had my top ones put on 10 days ago and had no real pain, just a lisp. I had my bottom set 4 days ago and it is still so painful, and unless I have wax on, my tongue is very sore. The lisp also got worse with my bottom set. Am dreading going back to work tomorrow. Someone joked it sounded like I’d had a stroke! (Not a thing to joke about…)

    I’m wondering if I should wean myself off the wax to harden my tongue. I’m going to give Gishy Goo a try, so thanks for the tip.

    Coincdentally, I go to the same place as you.

    Anyway, really great hearing that the lisp gets better. Your results are amazing! I’m going to give AcceleDent a try – anything to shorten the treatment cycle. Will let you know how I get on…

    • Nice to hear from you. Oh, I feel your pain… I think that the few days when I had my bottom braces put on was my worst time. I found it really overwhelming. It definitely will get better though – I know that’s no consolation at the moment!
      It seems like there are two approaches when it comes to using wax: those who say you should go without and let your tongue toughen up and those who say that you should do whatever you need to cope with the pain. I’m with the second lot – you’ll have enough pain even with wax / painkillers so why punish yourself?
      I wholeheartedly recommend you try Gishy Goo – it’s so much more effective than wax and it helped me adjust my speaking too I think. It’s expensive but I only bought two tubes in the end – one tube I used up in the first fortnight and the other tube still has half left. I keep it for emergencies (it was the thing that saved me when I had a broken bracket) but don’t need to use it to stop the brackets rubbing anymore.
      Good luck and try not to worry about going back to work – I think you’ll be surprised how supportive people are and after while they’ll completely forget.
      Good luck – stay in touch!

      • I’ve tried it without wax for the last few hours, but it’s really sore when I talk. I’m going to take your advice and “wax up” tomorrow for work. It came as a real shock as I had no real discomfort with the top ones; just lisping.

        I’ve ordered some Gishy Goo from Amazon. I guess the cost of Gishy Goo is tiny when compared to the cost of the braces.

        I’m excited about getting AcceleDent. I spotted a paper that Asif wrote on the website saying it reduce the length of treatment by a few months and thought I’d give it a go. Anything to speed up the process.

  5. Suzanne, my orthodontist told me the AcceleDent product would have NO effect on my lingual braces as they have “self ligating brackets” (I think that means they don’t have the small elastic band things on them!) However, if your orthodontist says it’s ok to use the product, then I’m not going to argue!

    Re. the use of Gishy Goo and/or wax… in the first few weeks I had Gishy Goo on nearly all my teeth and, until recently (I’m now 3 months into my treatment), I was convinced I would always need the product as some of my brackets protrude so much. However, in just the last week I’ve managed to wean myself off it and I don’t get any major irritation now. Ideally, I think you should aim not to rely on Gishy Goo indefinitely…. for 2 reasons: it’s incredibly expensive for daily use, and it can lead to dental hygiene issues (unless you replace it every day, or after every meal, which again will push up the cost dramatically!)

    Re. the lisp, it will get better. I found it was bad for at least a few weeks initially, although the more you practice and the more you talk the easier it should get. However, 3 months in, although my speech is acceptable enough for ordinary day to day life, I can still hear that my speech is not nearly as clear as it used to be.

  6. Thanks Graham. My orthodontist did a trial on the same lingual braces that I have and he estimated a 25%+ reduction in time for me.

    Great to hear that the pain gets better. My lisp is a bit better today, but people are still asking me if I’m chewing gum or have something wrong with my mouth! Never mind, it’ll be worth it in the end. 🙂

  7. I was wondering how you were getting on? I have my second adjustment next week and I’m amazed how quickly the teeth are moving. The AcceleDent is easy to use and I’m hoping it’ll speed things up.

    I went “cold turkey” on the wax after Graham’s posting and my tongue toughened up. My lisp is a lot better, but still there. Particularly if I’m dehydrated.

  8. I hope giving up the wax is working for you. I think for me it was partly also helped by the fact that the arch of my teeth has widened so the tongue has more room to move around. I’m nearly 6 months in now and, despite despairing at my speech not getting any better a few weeks ago, I’ve recently seen another small improvement. Either that, or I’m just getting used to my new way of talking. It’s still not back to normal, nor I doubt will it ever be, but it is ‘manageable’ – and the improvement in my teeth is just about enough for me to continue with the braces.

    • Hi Graham – yes I definitely found the same as you. As the arch of my teeth widened it helped the tongue pain as it wasn’t crammed against the brackets so much. I hope you’re doing well and enjoying your smile!

  9. Thank you so much for this blog 🙂 I’ve just had upper and lower incognitos fitted (yesterday) and your blog has been so informative and funny and inspirational 🙂 your teeth look fantastic even four months in!!! Please keep writing as I love hearing how your journey is going xxoxo

  10. great blog! It’s me 10th day and i still have a lisp and soar thoungh… i really hope it will get better. greetings from slovenia

  11. Hi there, I just wanted to say how informative/helpful your blog is, and how it has pushed me to finally go ahead with getting lingual braces 🙂 I am 28 (November 20th is my birthday funnily enough haha!) and for years have been too scared to take that first step. After reading your blog and seeing how great your progress is, I realised its not that scary…and I’m not too old! 🙂 .so thanks for sharing your journey, I hope you are happy with the end result. Cheers!

    • Hi Kirstie – well done for taking the plunge and I’m so pleased this blog helped you. I’ve been without my braces for a year now and I haven’t regretted my choice one bit. You are definitely never too old to smile!

  12. Hey, I’m 27 and have just gone for a top lingual brace. I’m 3 days in and have barely no pain and almost normal completely normal speech! Most people haven’t even noticed (and I spent all weekend out and about) until you order soup in front of all your mates at a burger restaurant… Anyway thanks for the incredible blog post and to anyone else thinking about doing it: if you can afford the steep price tag then I’d definitely recommend it.

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