X-rays before lingual braces

Don’t worry folks, Halloween hasn’t come early… I was backing up my computer this weekend and stumbled across the x-rays I had taken before my lingual braces were made. So, I thought I’d share them with you:

I’m no expert and don’t really know what these x-rays show from an orthodontic perspective – although you can see my overbite in the photo above. I now have some kind of dental cement stuff on my back teeth to stop my teeth ‘clashing’ when I bite together, which would risk my brackets being knocked off. See this post for more about how my ortho changed my bite when fitting my braces and how this made it difficult to eat.

{both © Inside I’m Smiling}

You can also see my wisdom teeth right at the back, which haven’t come through yet. One of the things I need to ask my ortho is what I should do if they do erupt in future because I’d be distraught if they pushed my teeth out of place again. I’m 28 now… does anyone know if they might still come through at my age?

The other thing that’s interesting about these x-rays is how deep the roots of the teeth go. I am soooo pleased that I didn’t have to have any extractions before getting my lingual braces as the very thought scares me to death. It’s incredible to think how orthodontics has changed over time – when I was a teenager and supposed to have traditional braces they planned to remove four teeth. Now, my ortho plans to file a little of the enamel between some of the teeth to create a little extra room if needed, but no teeth need to be taken out at all. Amazing huh?

Did you have to have teeth extracted before you got your lingual (or other) braces? I’ve had a couple of comments from people who have and I’ve heard it can be quite traumatic and difficult to come to terms with the gaps…


MY TEETH: before treatment

So, why am I getting lingual braces?

The simple answer is, my teeth are crooked and I don’t like it!

I suffer from overcrowding so I have a couple of teeth protruding on the top and my bottom teeth aren’t straight either. I also have an overbite, which means my top teeth almost completely cover the bottom ones when I bite together.

So. Deep breath.

This is what my teeth look like now, right at the start of my braces adventure.


teeth-before-lingual-braces-smiling1{© Inside I’m Smiling}

Of course, that’s not actually a natural smile because I always smile with my lips closed so my teeth are hidden from view!


teeth-before-braces-full-view{© Inside I’m Smiling}

So, there they are in all their glory.

I have mixed feelings looking at these pictures. I usually avoid looking at my teeth this closely and hide them when I laugh or smile, so it makes me a feel a little sad. But also, I want to remember where and why this journey began.

I’m pleased you’ve found this blog and I hope you’ll join me for the ride!